Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am not a Pretzel...But I Can Try to Bend Like One!

Thanks to Stella Swift , The Shrinking Violet, I am on my way to becoming a yogi. While I do prefer cardio and weight training I am finding that yoga is just what I need to relax while strengthening my core. The best of both worlds! Also because of yoga I find that I am able to laugh at myself which I often forget is a very viable alternative to beating myself up when I don't immediately master another yoga position or anything else on this journey to health and fitness. I do my exercise at home because I am comfortable in my house and because I have exercise tv where there is every conceivable workout you can think of with every trainer imaginable but as suggested by Ms. Swift a yoga class outside of the house would probably be better for me. I may become a hermit no more! I'm totally pumped!

Thanks Stella!!!!!!!