Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Biggest Load of $#@! Part 2


I watched THE BIGGEST LOSER last night and I can not believe the drama. I have to admit I found myself yelling at the tv when the red team won immunity and had the obligation of handing out penalties to three teams. I think that the red team does want to lose weight in order to better themselves for their kids but I also believe that they like the game play even more. I can't stand the way they go about things and  believe all of their excuses are pure $#@! I was mad when they threw the weigh in 2 weeks in a row and then on the third week won immunity forcing Migdalia to go home (never mind that Migdalia wanted to go home...that's soooo besides the point). The two weeks they threw the weigh in 2 innocent contestants who really needed to be there were eliminated leaving other contestants without their partners. Jillian called them out on their crap last week and this week Jillian AND the green team Miggy and Migdalia called them out on their garbage. The red team though is holding to the premise that they are trying to do what they think is best for all of themselves and the othr teams by playing the game. Their first focus should be to lose the weight and stop messing with everyone elses' chances to better themselves by forcing another team to leave before their time. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!! So while other teams have been consistently losing weight Melissa had lost nothing the first two weigh ins and then eventually found a change on the scale when she GAINED a pound! Last night she finally dropped 11 pounds but really...? I think they should both be sent home because I think they are cheating all of the other contestants out of a true and heart felt goal of losing weight to be stronger, healthier, and changing their lifestyle. They need to be their in order to learn what they need to learn in a consistent manner for as long as they are able to stay on the ranch so they are able to break their bad habits. Although the exercise looks crazy and intense and is way out of the realm of normal exercise (that is unless you have 6 hours a day to devote to exercise-I currently do but DO NOT want to workout for six hours a day thank you) I do believe that even if they find themselves struggling they are going to be euipped with the knowledge to  make conscious choices and decisions every day out in the real world.
Here is a picture of the red team causing all of the commotion:

I can't wait until next week's episode though. One of the eliminated teams will win a place on the ranch. I'm excited to see the progress of teams yellow and blue! I am, however, more anxious to see who the ambulance is for. That's right! Someone is going out on a stretcher (I'm not glad someone's hurt I just want to see who it could possibly be)!